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From one day deep in the weeds of my former kitchen – sending out the turmeric bat signal from my apron, lol

You’ve landed here because you’re curious about plant-based eating and what it all entails. You may wonder what it means to lead a plant-based lifestyle – maybe it all sounds so strange and tree-huggy, maybe expensive, maybe unattainable, maybe unpractical.

You may be skeptical and cynical. You may have landed here trying to control your side-eye at yet more mention of all the plant-based eating business that’s swirling around the web. You may have landed here bracing yourself to be scolded for eating animals and/or using animal products. You might even be fully prepared to endure a bloody photo with MEAT IS MURDER violently scrawled all over it, all in the name of seeking knowledge!

Well, those last two things are not happening here.

There is lots of information and some confusion out there regarding how to live a better life through plant-based choices! Info-digging takes a lot of energy, and I’m grateful that your effort has landed you here.

I am not here to berate you or scold you. I am here only to help you incorporate more vegan eats into your diet and vegan products into your lifestyle. Though my focus is certainly food-based, I’ll be offering tips and suggestions for how to create more plant-based goodness into your overall lifestyle choices. Luckily, doing so has become easier than ever, and I want to share with you what has worked for me.

Here, I’ll be offering lots of comprehensive reviews on nutritious and delicious ready-to-eat snacks to help ease you in to plant-based eating, and I’ll also offer super simple tips and recipes to make your own eats. One of my goals here is to guide you toward a bigger bounce in your step by using plant-based foods to replace your usual choices. If you’re interested in living a cleaner lifestyle that goes beyond food choices, I’ll also be talking about my favorite products and frugal-friendly DIY methods that are cruelty-free and as free of harmful chemicals as possible!




Healthy Vegan EatingSince “rawkus” is my play on raucous, and raucous means boisterous or disorderly, what I do here is get loud about my passion for plant-based eating and bar-fight feisty with the false notion that life without meat and dairy is tasteless and boring.

In 2013, I I made the transition from being a longtime vegetarian to full-fledged vegan. I love animals like most people, but it was a visit to an excellent esthetician that put me on the express bus to veganism. Andrew Scoular at Blue Turtle Spa – who is a genius at his craft – told me how horrible dairy was for the skin. Learning this prompted me to do my own research.

Even this slight shift – completely eliminating dairy from my diet – was yielding health benefits that were elevating my excitement for this whole new world that I was proud of myself for stepping into. So much so that I felt compelled to dig my hands into my new lifestyle for as many hours of every day as possible.

In August 2014, I quit my job as a paralegal, and the next day I stepped onto a popular NYC vegan food truck as a prep cook. I’d barely ever cooked anything substantial at home, so in a professional food setting, I knew how to do almost nothing. Nightly kitchen cram sessions on YouTube saved me from looking completely clueless in front of my fast-moving and knowledgeable coworkers.

Eighteen months later I became a prep and line cook at a prominent internet company and was grateful for the generous feedback I got from the employees there for my work in running the raw vegan bar. My food attracted carnivores, omnivores, and herbivores alike, and I took a lot of pride in being able to appeal to a wide variety of palates. I’ve since left that company, and my last gig before launching Rawkus Eats was running the kitchen as a chef at a small vegan cafe in New York City.

During my brick-and-mortar chef life, I had a drive for creating unforgettably flavorful, hearty comfort vegan meals for my customers. I would wake up every day with an excitement for sharing with them – even the most cynical ones – all of the wonderful tastes that could be had via plant-based eating. And that’s what had me quickly hauling my butt out of bed every morning.

I aim to do the same here, through Rawkus Eats, where potentially I can reach even more than New York City foot traffic!


Here are a few scenes from some of the work I’ve done:



When I meet people in person and the subject of food and dietary habits comes up, I HATE saying that I’m vegan. I absolutely hate it. I will barely squeak it out with a whisper and a sheepish, apologetic expression on my face if I can’t find an escape from the situation.


The first thing that most people say to me – with faces contorted in fear as if seized by a satanic squid – is, “Oh no – are you going to try to convert me?!” Somehow, over many years, vegans have come to be seen as preachy people who are out to convert you come hell or high water. Thy shall be done! By any means necessary! Meat is murder!

That’s just not my style. Shaming people into plant-based eating is a pointless pursuit. There are enough issues out there surrounding food and shame, so, I’m here to inform and stimulate and excite. That’s it.

Plant-based eating becomes more popular every day, and every day there are more people wondering how it could benefit them, and where might be a good place to start. Whether it’s a personal health issue, a concern for animal welfare, or increased awareness of how people can help preserve the environment by adopting a plant-based diet, I work to make Rawkus Eats a straightforward place for people to find out how to move toward plant-based eating without judgment, without criticism.




Food choices are extremely personal. What we eat and the reasons why we gravitate toward certain textures, flavors, and spices is deeply rooted in culture, childhood, and memory.

That’s why you will never find me yelling at you for the way you’ve been eating, or chastising you for the things you still love to eat.

Whether you need simply to dip your toes into the veganism pool or are serious about going full cannonball into its vast waters, my focus here is to guide you toward plant-based eating via everyone’s favorite past time – snacking! I’ll also be sprinkling in a few habits and lifestyle tweaks that will put you on more solid footing down a plant-based path.

I’ve spent my time as a chef answering all kinds of questions about plant-based eating, and I still love questions! The more the better! If you have any, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to answer them as best as I can.

I’m thrilled that you’ve found us!

I hope you’ll let Rawkus Eats be a part of your journey through food and life.

If you have questions or confusion about plant-based eating, talk to me!

Drop me a line at epicurean@rawkuseats.com

To you, finding all that’s vibrantly delicious,


2 thoughts on “About Rawkus Eats”

  1. Hey Kris,

    I’m so glad to have landed on your site! What brought me to learn more about veganism was my kids’ bad eczema conditions. I wanted to put them on a clean diet, some reboot diet, to clear out the bad stuff in their bodies and calm the chronic inflammation that was giving them sleepless nights and taking the simple joys away from their daily living.

    As you mentioned, going dairy free helped a lot. We saw a huge improvement in their health. I tried all sorts of things, including gluten-free, sugar-free, low salicylates, and even grain free at one stage of their healing. Now we have settled into a diet that is high in fruits and vegetables, with a minimal amount of meats as they find it tough to give it up totally.

    Will be following your blog for tips and recipes! So excited knowing I’ll be learning from a chef!

  2. Hi Joo!

    Thank you so much for your comment!

    I am a firm believer in healing through diet, so it’s exhilarating to know that your kids are doing much better having gone dairy-free with a higher intake fruits and vegetables. Thank you for sharing that with me. Stories like yours make me even MORE excited about the information I plan to share here on rawkuseats.com.

    Thanks again for your fantastic feedback Joo. I look forward to hearing more about your experiences with plant-based living!


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