Do Vegans Eat Bread? Yes! An Angelic Bakehouse Review

To answer the question of “Do vegans eat bread?” This Angelic Bakehouse review will show just how happy and healthy a vegan can be while not giving up bread!

Of the few things that vegans forgo, the comfort of carbs is not one of them.


Vegan Bread Has Come A Long Way

Most supermarkets have a fair share of accidentally vegan breads – from Thomas Bagels to Arnolds Potato Rolls. As with most packaged foods, however, many of these supermarket brands rely on a number of preservatives and additives to keep their breads fresh.

Awareness of the connection between health and whole foods has grown tremendously in the past few years. Some baking companies dedicated to cleaner eating have filled this void presented by preservative-laden bread products. It was inevitable and overdue, and I’m excited to talk about one of them in particular today.


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Sprouting Grains for Over 10 Years

Angelic Bakehouse was founded by Jenny and James Marino over 10 years ago.

Their vision to deliver healthier bread has grown broader with time, and now their offerings include wraps, pizza crusts, and bread crisps with delicious flavor combinations.

The crisps come in palate-pleasing profiles like Harissa & Green Chile Sweet Potato and Pickled Sweet Onion Beet! Truly distinctive and innovative, even just the crisps alone are worth a digital trip to Angelic Bakehouse.

What Makes Angelic Bakehouse Unique and Healthy?

Their use of sprouted grains is the backbone of all of the products they produce. This is what makes all of their creations especially nutrient-rich and delicious.

What Is A Sprouted Grain?

A raw grain needs its germination process activated in order to sprout. To do this, the grain is soaked in water, drained, and left in a dark room to sprout and ferment. This is how sprouted grains are produced.

What Makes Sprouted Grain Products Better?

Let’s start with the most important reason why sprouted grain products taste better: flavor!

Sprouted grains yield a richly satisfying and fulfilling nutty texture and flavor. They deliver a quality that breads made with regular un-sprouted grains can’t ever emulate.

Among the other fantastic benefits of eating sprouted grains are:

  • Antioxidants – Sprouted grains contains more antioxidants C and E and beta-carotene. They also contain antinutrients, which, according to Healthline, make the nutrients in the sprouted grains more readily available to your body.
  • Protein and Fiber – Sprouted grains are higher than un-sprouted in both!
  • May Ease Digestion – Sprouted grains are lower in gluten and phytic acid.

Check out Angelic Bakehouse’s short and sweet explanation of their sprouted grain benefits:


What Other Qualities Make Angelic Bakehouse Stand Out?

Every single one of Angelic Bakehouse’s tasty offerings is vegan, of course!

Exciting and awesome as that is, it’s not only that which makes them special.

Their commitment to quality in multiple aspects is what makes them stand out for me. I appreciate that Angelic Bakehouse is diligent about promoting a healthy workplace for their employees. For me, this goes a long way.

The breads, crisps, and other goodies at Angelic Bakehouse can suit almost any dietary restriction while enriching health!

Their ingredient list is easy to understand because there is no scientific wording to decipher. All of their ingredients are non-GMO. Every product is kosher and allergen-free, including nut free. Although sprouted grains make for lower gluten content, please note that there still is gluten in their products and maybe not suitable for those with gluten sensitivities.



Perfect for Your Next Summer Picnic

Try a Beyond Meat Burger on an Angelic Bakehouse bun!

How about this version of avocado toast on a slice of seven-grain bread:

  • avocado
  • alfalfa sprouts
  • hemp seeds
  • squeeze of lemon
  • sprinkle of sea salt
  • drizzle of flaxseed oil*

*I love flaxseed oil! Its rich, nutty taste nicely complements sprouted bread. And flaxseed oil is packed with fiber and Omega 3 fats. Read more about flaxseed oil here!

A PBJ roll-up is the perfect snack for any time and anywhere! You can find a recipe for this and many other options at Angelic Bakehouse’s Recipe Journal.

Even if you’re not going full-blown vegan in your picnic selections, the beauty of this delicious bread is that it can help ease you toward a plant-based vegan diet. So these breads/wraps/buns/crisps/crusts are great items to have on rotation in your pantry if you want to increase your plant intake to achieve your plant-based vegan eating goals!


An Easy and Appetizing Way to Incorporate More Vegan Eats

Angelic Bakehouse makes it incredibly easy for you to start incorporating more plant-based choices into your diet.

One warning, though – once you get accustomed to the hugely satisfying taste and feel of sprouted grains, you very well may turn into a grain snob! There’s really no replicating the fulfillment of sprouted grains with regular un-sprouted.

Thankfully, there are a lot of ways that Angelic Bakehouse offers to enjoy your sprouted grains. I love their sweet potato and beet wraps (ok, and the spinach ones too!). And their Zesty Lemon Blueberry Crisps are SO GOOD.

Right now they’re offering 20% off and free shipping at $30! So I hope you’ll do yourself a favor and check them out. You’ll be happy you did!


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