How to Make Your Own Covid-19 Mask – No Sewing!

This post will show you how to make your own covid-19 mask in about a minute and without sewing a single thing!


Why I Was So Glad to Find This Tutorial

If your experience in quarantine has been anything similar to mine, you are trying to juggle tremendous, ever-changing mountains of information while also trying to stay sane and healthy.

It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed by a constant barrage of urgent information in a continually evolving landscape. This can make it so difficult to keep your head on straight and know what to believe or not.

how to make your own covid 19 mask
Image by ijmaki from Pixabay

I try to keep my exposure to reading news articles and watching news broadcasts about the pandemic to a minimum of 30 minutes a day, which seems to be working so far in helping me feel less distressed.

The simple tutorial that follows below demonstrates how to make your own covid-19 mask. It’s pretty ingenious, and brightened my day when I found it.

Who Should Be Wearing Face Masks?

how to make your own covid 19 mask
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay


Yes, the endless cycles of news chatter can be disquieting, to say the least. Despite some conflicting reports about who should wear masks and who doesn’t need to, one thing I strongly accept is that we all should. It became clearer to me based on articles like this one that we ALL should be wearing masks whenever we go out. Not only to protect ourselves, but to protect each other.

While regular, non-medical-grade cotton cloth may not be the panacea we’re looking for when it comes to protecting ourselves and our loved ones, I’m a firm believer that they help. I’m no doctor or scientist, of course, so maybe the help that cloth face masks provide are solely providing peace of mind, but I’ll gladly take that! Some calm in the brain can go far in a longstanding situation like this.

I also believe that some protection is better than no protection. And that those of us who are self-isolating and going out only for essentials should not be cutting into the scant supply of medical-grade masks. Especially when health professionals on the front lines of exposure have very limited access to proper PPEs (personal protective equipment).


Tutorial Angel

Sometimes it’s the little things, the sweet efforts that ordinary people offer up to all of us, that help me feel more grounded, less anxious.

My fiancé found a video of this really lovely woman who gives a tutorial on how to create a simple and functional face mask.

This takes less than a minute to assemble and no sewing skills required!

Unfortunately, I don’t know where this video came from or who the woman is, so if anyone sees this and knows who she is and what her URL is, please let me know! I’d love to give her proper credit for providing us such a concise and helpful tutorial!


Video: How to Make Your Own Covid 19 Mask


My Attempt at Making This Mask

Here is a step-by-step of my attempt at making the mask shown in the video tutorial above:


1) Lay your bandana or scarf flat.

how to make your own covid 19 mask


2) You may want to measure the length between the bridge of your nose and your chin (or whatever point to which you want your mask to go) so that you can fold accordingly. I folded this bandana into fours because that created a mask size that was comfortable for me. Thirds would have been too large and fifths would have been too small.

how to maker your own covid 19 mask


3) To fold into fourths, I made three creases…

how to make your own covid 19 mask


4) …until it was completely folded.

how to make your own covid 19 mask


5) Two elastics are necessary to secure the mask at your ears. I used hair elastics since they’re probably more comfortable than plain rubber elastics, although you could use those too in a pinch.


Here’s something I learned: if your ears sit more closely to your head, make sure to get thinner elastics! Mine are thicker hair elastics, and it’s harder to adjust them comfortably behind the ears because they want to slip off. If your ears sit a little further away from your head, thicker elastics should work just fine.

how to make your own covid 19 mask


6) Slip each elastic on to either end. You’ll be able to adjust this for fit later on, so for now, don’t worry about exactly where to put them. Just leave some excess fabric at either end.

how to make your own covid 19 mask


7) Fold the ends into the center. If you have a scarf or bandana larger than mine, you’ll probably be able to slip the ends together, one end into the other, as the woman in the video tutorial demonstrates. I wasn’t able to do this with mine, but since the fabric is not slippery, it’s not a problem at all. With slippery fabric, not connecting the ends might be a little problematic because the elastics may not hold their place.

how to make your own covid 19 mask


8) Once you try it for the first time, you might find that some adjustment is necessary. You can pull the elastics further toward the end of the fabric if your elastics are having a hard time reaching your ears.

When I first tried this mask, the elastics were yanking at my ears, so I took it off and moved the elastics a little further toward the ends, and that fixed that! If your mask is too loose, pull the elastics closer to the center for a more snug fit.


Why This Mask Is Awesome!how to make your own covid 19 mask

I love this tutorial so much because it gives us a mask that’s easy to make with very few supplies. And it takes practically no time at all!

This mask is functional and may need only a few super minor tweaks just to get the fit right.

Before I found this tutorial, I was folding my bandana into a triangle then tying it behind my head, which is great if it doesn’t slip down your face. But I was constantly pulling mine back up. This mask stays where it’s supposed to, no slippage. I love this alternative because now I don’t have to fight with a falling mask.

A Myriad of Crafty Possibilities

You can make this into a fun crafty activity and choose the fabric you want!

This works especially well if you have a lot of masks to make and need to make them on a budget. Or if you have kids who need something to do, making their own masks might be fun for them.

I got my bandana in a 12-pack from Amazon a while back. Though I don’t see the pattern I used, they still carry a whole lot of fun patterns to choose from.

I love colorful fabric, so I really love these bright ombre paisley bandanas.

And these rainbow paisley bandanas.

These basic bandana options are fantastic too, for people whose tastes aren’t as loud as mine 🙂

You can also find some wonderful, quality fabric at very reasonable prices like this pink newsprint fabric on if you don’t mind cutting your fabric down to size!


It’s Fast, Easy, and Actually Fun!

I hope this tutorial has been useful in adding a little levity to your day!

As I mentioned earlier, I am not a doctor or scientist, so I make no medical claims regarding the efficacy of this mask.

My goal here is to share this ingenious video with you so that maybe you’d be inspired to try it yourself.

I’d love to know if this sounds like something you’d give a go, or if you’ve tried it already!

And of course, if you know who this lovely woman in the video tutorial is, please tell me so I can properly credit her.

4 thoughts on “How to Make Your Own Covid-19 Mask – No Sewing!”

  1. That’s certainly a stylish mask, you may get more people wearing them if they’re custom made to suit individual tastes. Nice easy steps to follow as well, and like you said any protection is better than no protection. Thanks for info and guide. Stay safe.

  2. WOW! This is an awesome website, with some much information and goodies! I now know how to make my own mask thanks to you. This is so great! And you are so right about all the information in the news, and reading news articles. I do need to give myself a set time on stopping each day, because I find myself reading each one for hours almost everyday. Nice tip, thanks!

    • Hi Tamika,

      Thank you so much for the wonderful comment!

      I’m so happy that you found this mask tutorial helpful! All credit for its ingenuity goes to the woman in the video who inspired me to make my own and share with everyone 🙂 I hope I find out who she is one day so I can credit and thank her!

      And yes, definitely be kind to yourself. Setting limits for myself in terms of how much daily news I should be ingesting has been very helpful for keeping my head from exploding with worry, so I figure that setting limits might be helpful for others too. Thanks again for stopping by and stay safe and well!


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