The Vast Health Benefits of Guava Leaf Tea: Sleep Deeply, Raise Immunity, and More!

I was a little kid in the 80s on a family trip visiting my mom’s best friend, Mano, in Maui when I first tasted guava.

Little did I know that Mano preferred the juicy fruit’s sheath, as she had been indulging in the health benefits of guava leaf tea for years by then.

The First Taste of Guava

OH MAN, THIS IS AMAZING, I thought upon my first few bites, lost in the euphoria of what I immediately decided is one of nature’s most generous gifts. It was nothing like the average fruit that we ate on the mainland.

I couldn’t believe this thing came from a tree and was actually good for you.

It was sweet, juicy, fleshy, and beautiful! Its ravishing combination of pink and green charmed me beyond measure. I was truly floating with dancing unicorns on rainbows every time I sunk my teeth into this divine magical fruit.

health benefits of guava leaf tea

I Ate the Fruit, Grown-Ups Drank the Leaf Tea

Mano’s house was situated off of a very rocky road in Maui called Hana Highway. While I wandered around her land and picked up guavas for her and my mom to cut for my immediate and eager consumption, they sipped tea made from the fruit’s dried leaves.

Back on the mainland, real guava, like the ones I had in Maui, were prohibitively expensive. The closest I could ever get to this fruit was a cheap guava nectar that I wasn’t allowed to have much of because of its high fructose content.

And now, here we are, many years later, amid an unprecedented time defined by the coronavirus.

I am lucky to remember my initial meeting with this wondrous fruit.

And to remember the grown-ups using its leaves.

As I’ve learned decades later, these leaves provide several extraordinary ways to help alleviate some of the most problematic symptoms of stress. Particularly stress that can arise from being quarantined and/or unable to work in a landscape rife with uncertainty.


Mr. Sandman, Bring Me Deep Sleep

health benefits of guava leaf teaAmong my greatest challenges during this time has been getting quality sleep.

Even though I am happy to get the eight hours a night that I absolutely craved during my long,  pre-covid-19 work weeks, they are not at all quality hours.

When I wake up, I feel as though I may as well have been walking a tightrope from the top of one skyscraper to another. Like I’ve been fretting all night about how to strategically place each foot for every next step on that rope. I feel almost wilted under the weight of the kind of overwrought calculation that is driven by pronounced fear.

So a lot of times I’ll drag myself up instead of gleefully wake up, more baggy-eyed than bright-eyed. Not ideal!

Lack of Sleep Is Hugely Common. Use Guava Leaf Tea to Get Better Rest!

As miserable and heavy as this seems, I’ve also learned that I am not the only one! This is just one of many news articles that describe how disturbed sleep seems to be something that has become commonplace during this time.

In my search for a holistic remedy for a problem that affected me only marginally until recently, I learned that guava leaf tea is a wonderful sleep enhancer!

With regular consumption, it induces a state of calm and can help you maintain a prolonged deep sleep state. I find these attributes alone incredibly appealing. Apparently, however, there are a multitude of other ways in which this tea could help us feel and function better!


Stress Has Many Names and Materializes In Many Ways

We also identify stress as anxiety, fear, worry, tension, strain, and disquiet.

How can those often inexpressible emotions articulate themselves, particularly when we don’t have an adequate outlet?

Depletes Immunity

From first-hand experience, I’ve long believed that negative emotions can deplete the immune system. Whenever I felt crushed by negative emotions arising from stress at school or work, inevitably I’d succumb to the seasonal cold. Especially if I’d been harboring feelings of worry and anxiety and being diligent about keeping all of those toxic emotions stuffed inside my own crowded mind.

As an article from PsychCentral says:

“Many stresses cannot be avoided altogether, but we can minimize our ‘background’ stress and our reactions to stressful benefits of guava leaf tea

This is easier said than done. The modern world almost is set up to produce anxiety and frustration. But we can manage stress by reducing the demands upon us, increasing our ability to cope with them, or both.”

Wow. The modern world almost is set up to produce anxiety and frustration.

And this moment in our global history is no exception.

There’s your validation that you’re not crazy or unreasonable for sometimes feeling bombarded with negative emotions. The triggers for such emotions are hardwired into our daily lives. Especially now, with most of the world undergoing some form of lockdown and trying to get out from under these restrictions.

A Plant-Based Approach to Coping with Stress

health benefits of guava leaf teaBecoming a plant-based vegan is one of the ways that can minimize emotional stress. I’ve long trusted the theory that eating fewer processed foods and more whole foods can help the body, and therefore the mind, feel better. And that this type of lifestyle does help manage stress by increasing the ability to cope with it via nutritional healing.

Guava leaves can help you further down that road of nutritional healing!

Those leaves are stuffed with crucial vitamins and minerals that inspire the digestive and immune systems and encourage them to go for all-out battle against invaders.

Among some of the nutrients inherent in guava leaf:  vitamins C, A, E, B, and minerals – potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, sodium, and zinc. The leaf also contains powerful flavonoids – including quercetin, which boasts a whole list of amazing health benefits on its own (Dr. Axe explains it in detail here).

Guava leaf is anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial – and therefore pro-healing! This is how this powerful leaf can offer a few other major ways of diminishing or even eliminating some other ailments that may be the result of this or any other challenging time.


Feeling Good About the Skin You’re In

Because so many of us have curtailed our usual way of life, gym memberships, yoga/dance/bootcamp classes, and just the regular physical activity of traveling to work and then returning home are not a part of our lives for the foreseeable future.

If you’re one of those people who is able to continue your exercise regimen/regular physical activity, that’s awesome! Keep up the great work.

But, if you’re like me and finding that it takes a little more effort to maintain that sense of physical well-being, guava leaf tea can help with that too.

I mean, no – it can’t do push-ups for you. If that’s your thing, you’re still going to have to power through a few of those on your own.

Reduces Glucose Absorption, thus Carbs, thus Fat

In addition to guava tea being widely known as an excellent digestive aid, as mentioned above, it is also known to lower blood sugar levels and reduce glucose absorption. Since guava leaf tea reduces glucose absorption, it prevents your body from storing excess carbs that your body would eventually convert to fat.

Now, I’m not saying that it’s ok to eat two entire rows of Oreo cookies or eat a whole pizza then drink your guava leaf tea since it will reduce the amount of glucose that gets stored in your body as fat. This is not anywhere near ok. In that scenario, the Oreos and the whole pizza would win.

Incorporating Guava Leaf Tea into an Overall Healthy Diet

health benefits of guava leaf teaFor it to have a fighting chance to benefit your body the way it wants to, guava leaf tea has to be a part of a diet that is higher in nutrients and lower in inflammatory-inducing foods such as dairy, meat, and refined sugar.

This last thing, refined sugar – is always a battle for me. So if you are trying to cut down on something that you know isn’t good for you, know that I’m always right there with you!

Guava leaf tea can be a great new addition to your routine if you’re trying to balance your diet more toward the lower sugar, plant-based side. Doing this will further enhance the great work you’re doing on yourself by reducing the absorption of glucose/carbs.

For me, this can translate into defeating bloat, or at least feeling less bloated, and definitely more energetic and positive. Guava leaf tea can help ease feelings of sluggishness and just may be the sprightly kick in the pants you need to dive into the creative pursuit of staying – or becoming – more lively and productive.

Boosts Metabolism

Another added bonus — if you find an awesome exercise program, guava leaf tea will enhance metabolism during rest!

Do you see the pattern here? Whatever work you put in for yourself in terms of health and wellness, guava leaf tea will help advance and sustain the hard-earned fruit of your efforts!


Supple Skin and Happy Hair

It’s amazing how much punch a leaf could pack.

Bout after bout, guava leaf tea goes the full 15 rounds and still has power to spare!

Dermatitis or Acne

If your skin is prone to dermatitis or acne, guava leaf tea’s anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties will help relieve your skin of these annoying conditions (also check out the essential oil that may help you defeat either one of these!)

Anti-Aging Powerhouse

Looking for another tool in your anti-aging arsenal? Guava leaf tea can be a very effective one! Visible signs of aging are due to exposure to free radicals. Guava leaf tea is said to fight free radicals efficiently and is widely known for its anti-aging properties (maybe one of the reasons why Mano and my mom liked to drink it :)).

A Halo of Healthy Hair

health benefits of guava leaf teaAs if it weren’t already popular enough for so many reasons and didn’t have enough work to do, guava leaf tea is also well known for its ability to promote healthy hair growth and prevent hair loss.

If stress does a number on your hair like it does on mine, knowing that guava leaf tea can help reverse adverse hair conditions is heartening!




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Where do I get guava leaf tea?

From a USDA Organic, GMO-Free, Fair-Trade, Kosher-Certified, and 100% manufactured in an FDA-inspected and -approved, woman-owned facility in the U.S.A., of course!

The guava leaf tea I recommend here is from – you’ll see that they are deeply immersed in the art of whole food-based healing.

As of this writing, the actual teabags of the guava leaves are completely sold out, but the easy replacement is the dried guava leaves in bulk, which I think is an even better deal because you’re not paying for packaging. Place about 1/2 tsp of guava tea leaves into a good tea strainer like this one. Let the strainer sit on top of your mug of boiled water for about 10 minutes to steep, then enjoy!

Guava Leaf Extract Liquid

If you’re feeling impatient (as I do sometimes) or would rather not sit and sip tea, an alternative to the dried guava leaves is guava extract!

I love extracts for their power and efficiency. Some people take them in water. I take about a half a dropper’s worth directly under my tongue, where the nutrients can absorb into my system quickly. I’ve always found extracts convenient, powerful, and effective, and this one is no different!

Herbal Goodness Co.

Whether it’s guava leaf tea or guava leaf extract liquid, the best place I’ve found to get these two products is from the passionate folks at

How and from where a product is sourced, and how and where it’s processed is very important to me. Being committed to providing nothing less than organic, non-gmo, and fair-trade is also significant.

To find all of these characteristics in one company that is clearly dedicated to nothing but sourcing the highest quality whole food-based supplements is like striking gold!

I’m really excited that I’ve found them and hope that you may also feel compelled to find out how amazing they are!


At the Beginning of a Road Paved with Guava Leaves

health benefits of guava leaf tea

Guava leaf tea is so versatile and robust that it has benefits that go far beyond the few I listed here.

As with any plant-based remedy that I’ve experienced, the key is consistent daily consumption if you want to begin seeing the results you want. This is not a quick fix and you shouldn’t expect to see results overnight. Over a few weeks of regular consumption, you’ll be able to tell whether guava leaf tea is doing its job(s) for you.

On the other hand, if you’re drinking the tea only three times a week, you’ll enjoy its fruity taste, but you can expect slower progress toward your health goals.

I’m early in my guava leaf tea journey myself, so I’m looking forward to updating in about another month or so to report what it has done for me!

If guava leaf tea helps me in all the ways I hope it does, that makes me even fonder of and more nostalgic for those moments I had off of Hana Highway, when I first tasted guava fruit.


DISCLAIMER: is intended to be used for educational and informational purposes only. This article is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Please see full disclaimer here.


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  1. I really love your article. Thank you so much Kris for this amazing information on guava leaves. It’s definitely a reminder for me to get in touch with this wonderful resource. I grew up eating guavas, and after a while, I was introduced to guava leaf tea. I really love the flavor of the tea, and my Grandma said to me one day that a nurse told her that the guava tree is one of the best things anyone can have in their yard because of its range of benefits. She also told her that the tea was very beneficial, ever since then my Granny has been using it, and I think she was the one who first introduced me to the tea.

    Thank you for this great article.


  2. Hi Mikhail,

    Thank you so much for your wonderful and informative comment! I really enjoyed reading it.

    It’s amazing that you are very connected to the incredible guava leaf. Grandmothers know best! So great to hear that bit of your family history.

    Thanks again and all wellness to you!

  3. Yes! Yes! Yes! I love guava juice, and everything related to guava. I’m from Chicago, and one of my best friends introduced me to it while we were in high school. That first taste had me hooked, and I’ve loved it ever since. I actually just ordered a case of guava leaf tea; it’s very calming and helps me to sleep like a freshly bathed baby, doused in Johnson & Johnson. I live in a very loud and rambunctious neighborhood, and as such, I appreciate having guava tea to help me to get a good night’s rest. Great read! God bless you!

    • Hi C.N!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience on guava tea! I’m so glad that it has helped you relax and sleep. I’ve been enjoying it myself – will probably move toward icing it as the summer months roll in.

      Thanks again for your wonderful comment 🙂 Take care and be well. And keep sipping this awesome tea!

  4. You have really written an awesome article on Guava Leaf Tea, I must admit I am a big fan of teas but I have never tried this tea before. I actually have never heard of this tea before reading your article, and I am a big fan of using herbal teas to improve my health regularly.


    • Hi Jeff,

      Thank you for your comment! I really appreciate your feedback.

      Yes, please do give guava leaf tea a try! In the short term, it has helped me sleep better. It tastes great and has an even greater abundance of health benefits that I didn’t have room to mention in my post. I’d love to hear what your experience is if you do try it!


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